Timeless with added colour

Mimaman started as a family challenge to find the best quality. We wanted to make a collection based around colour and shapes. That's how we got the first collection. A capsule summer collection for the perfect summer days with silk and cotton for the very hot and colder evenings.

This first collection was based around 4 concepts. The first concept is our own style, how we want to clothe ourselves and show it to the world. The second one is the possibility for young and older to dress well. And mixing this with the new generation that clothes themselves in a way which is more daring and the older generation which is more classic. Hereafter we have the 3rd concept which is the light and dark ant the different places you can enjoy your garments. 

The last one is special, it's to take everything and mix them up. 

Thank you for the support!

Feel free to contact us for further help.

Clément van Strydonck