How to Wash

To start the whole process we recommend to turn all the knitwear inside-out. Then hand wash it with mild water, and special detergent/shampoo (Nothing "biological" as it has enzymes that can rot the fibres away.). Be sure that the whole garment is clean and gently rinse it thoroughly without stretching it. To dry it you need to set it on a flat surface and on a towel. If it takes too much space you can roll the towel up. Try to keep it away from heat and sunlight to preserve the shape and colour.

How to store

The worst thing you can do is hang knitwear on a hanger. As over time it loses its shape and deforms it. Try to keep it folded or in the given bags against moths. When you change of season always clean out your closet to prevent moths.

Bobbles and pilling

Don't worry the bobbles on your knitwear is completely normal. It's because of the delicate little fibres that make knot's together after wearing it. You can always easily remove them by hand or a brush. If it's a lot you can use special little machines to remove them. After you remove it and wash it a few times your knitwear will be softer and the pilling will be less or none.